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How Often Should You Have a Storm-Water Collection System Cleaned?

Storm-Water Collection System Cleaning

Maintaining your storm-water collection system is certainly not the most complicated of your tasks, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. Storm drains play a crucial role in the safety and health of any facility, especially in Seattle, where we see a significant amount of rainfall every year. This system accepts storm-water, provides some filtration, and releases the storm-water into a watershed or sewer system.

At The Pit Cleaner, our professional Seattle catch basin cleaners can help you keep your storm-water collection system as clean and well-maintained as possible at all times. But how often do you need to have this system cleaned? Most likely, you need to have it cleaned, or at least inspected, twice each year, before winter and before summer.

Of course, that depends on some of the specifics of your system, and the frequency of necessary cleanings could be higher or lower.

If the System is Functioning Properly, Is There Anything to Worry About?

On the one hand, if your storm-water collection system is working fine, then you probably don’t have much to be concerned about., However, it is possible for the batch basin to get backed up fairly quickly, and if any problems occur, you’ll need to have a professional solve them as soon as possible in case there is any flooding in the Seattle area.

Basically, you two options:

  1. Have a professional conduct an inspection and cleaning performed twice each year, or;
  2. Have these problems solved as they arise.

Most likely, the most economically efficient option is the first. Otherwise, you’ll end up needing to solve unexpected problems at unexpected times as quickly as possible.

What Are the Consequences of Clogged Storm Drains?

When storm-water collection systems get clogged with leaves and other debris, they won’t be able to drain water. This means that water will start to pond along streets, and it could cause flooding at intersections or near homes. This can also mean that once you get rid of the clog, waste may enter the storm drain and travel to local rivers or other waterways, which can be a public safety hazard.

Our Seattle catch basin cleaners can help you keep your storm drains as clean as possible throughout the year to avoid any of these problems.

Don’t Risk It—Have Routine Inspections Performed

Our professionals recommend that you have routine inspections of your storm-water collection systems performed twice a year:

  • Once in autumn, after the leaves have fallen;
  • And again in spring, after the winter snow has melted.

If you’re looking for storm-water collection system cleaning services, call The Pit Cleaner at 206-330-4240, or fill out our online request form.