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What You Need to Know About Winterizing Your Storm Drain or Catch Basin

Catch Basin Cleaning in Covington, WA

Living in Seattle means knowing a thing or two about winter. However, what many people do not realize is that many different things could use winterizing but often get overlooked. While there may not be anything you need to do in order to shut down your catch basin for the winter, you should be addressing certain service needs to better prepare for cold weather. More importantly, this will help with better performance once the winter ends and warm weather rolls in again. You want to be able to set yourself up for success and keep your business up and running. So if your commercial property includes storm drains or catch basins, you should take these points into consideration.

How You Can Help Make Drastic Changes

The last thing you want for your storm drains or catch basins is clogs, yet this is a common occurrence when the winter snow melts, especially as it gets closer to spring. Opting for professional storm drain cleaning can prevent inconvenient disasters by ridding your drains of materials and organic matter that tend to cause blockages. Even left over autumn leaves, especially when wet and matted down, can quickly lead to flooding. Many of these items get intertwined in the grate, while others get stuck on top causing a blanket effect. Together, this leads to a horizontal dam and makes it impossible for water to go into the drain.

More unpleasant items can also get stuck in your storm drain or catch basin. A common example of this is dead animals, such as squirrels and even birds. The grates and drains have to be cleared, so decaying organic matter like this should only be handled by a professional with training, experience and the right tools necessary to get the job done.

The bottom line is that you need to be able to rely on a professional for your storm drain or catch basin cleaning before winter rain, snow and ice begin to take hold. What happens often is people do not realize how dirty and clogged their drains already are until the water quickly floods them. Be responsible and realistic about the current condition of your drains.

In order to prevent problems with your catch basins or storm drains, let The Pit Cleaner take care of your professional service needs. We take great pride in being able to offer the finest in service to all of our local clients.

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