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Importance of Seattle Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch Basin Cleaning in Preston, WA

Even if you know your commercial property has a storm drain system you may not yet realize the importance of Seattle catch basin cleaning. To start with it is crucial to understand what exactly this is and what it does. The catch basin is designed to collect and store materials like trash, oil, dirt and even debris like leaves.

In order to continue to function normally regular cleaning and inspections need to take place. Without this regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance this device cannot do its job properly. This means pollutants can get into the sewer system to clog pipes, create blockages and otherwise cause a disruption to the operational flow. And this will not only disrupt your business but also pose a threat to the environment.

Other Things to Know

One common problem we run into here at The Pit Cleaner is that people wait until the drain is not functioning properly to give us a call. Think about your drain at home. If you wait until your sink backs up and is causing a flood in your home it wouldn’t make much sense.

At the very least you need to take care of catch basin cleaning when you notice debris is starting to collect. But even that won’t indicate about the potential pollutants that could be seeping into the sewer system. So setting up regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to prevent potential problems from ever having the chance to arise.

What About Grates?

Part of professional Seattle catch basin cleaner service is taking care of the grates. The grate at the top of the basin needs to be cleaned out annually, at the absolute very least. Buildup of sediments can cause blockage. But it also means that toxins in this sediment will trickle down into the water system below.

Also, when cleaning grates, professionals can check to see if solids have collected at the bottom. This can result in them rising to the level of the sewer pipe and be able to enter the water table. Even making sure that material like leaves is removed from the top grate will ensure this system can function as needed.

The Trusted Catch Basin Cleaner in Seattle

For all of your catch basin cleaner in Seattle needs let the team of pros here at The Pit Cleaner take care of that for you. We are a family owned and operated company that has the training and hands on experience required to get the job done. Contact us today and let us start with your Seattle catch basin cleaning task.

If you are looking for a catch basin cleaner in Seattle then please call 206-330-4240 or complete our online request form.